About FIBA

This is FIBA

16/03/2014 // 0 Comments

The Foreign Investors Business Association (NGO FIBA) represents, protects and promotes the interests of its members. FIBA comprises foreign companies which conduct business in and with the Murmansk region. FIBA contributes to the development of a favorable investment climate in the Murmansk region [...]

Kort presentasjon av FIBA på norsk

26/01/2014 // 0 Comments

FIBA (Foreign Investors Business Association) er en medlemsorganisasjon som ble etablert i 2008 i Murmansk og har kontor der. I 2014 ble foreningen slått sammen med NBA (Norwegian Business Association). Organisasjonen har et internasjonalt styre med representanter fra Norge, Finland, Sverige, [...]

Cooperation with Regional authorities

16/01/2014 // 0 Comments

In March 2011 the Murmansk-based Foreign Investors Business Association (FIBA) signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of economic development of the Murmansk region. The agreement is believed to be a decision-making tool for developing a better investment climate in the Murmansk region [...]