Borenius informs: New law – Foreigners need to prove Russian language skills, knowledge of history and basics of Russian law to get working permit

In accordance with Federal Act No. 74-FZ dated 20 April 2014 foreign citizens applying for, inter alia, a work permit must prove their knowledge of the Russian language, history of Russia and the fundamentals of Russian law. Attorneys at Law Borenius Russia informed about the new rules in a legal alert and on the meeting of FIBA (Foreign Investors Business Association) in Murmansk on Tuesday.

Such knowledge may be confirmed by:

- a certificate issued for 5 years by educational institutions included in a certain list; or

- a diploma certifying at least the basic general education awarded by an educational institution on the territory of a state which was part of the USSR before 1 September 1991; or

- a diploma certifying education and/or qualification issued to those who have passed state exams in Russia after 1 September 1991

The above requirements do not apply to certain categories of foreign citizens, including highly qualified specialists.

The new law enters into force on 1 January 2015, save for a few provisions that will enter into force later.

For more information, please contact Andrej Gusev or Evgenia Terevkova at Attorneys at Law Borenius Russia