This is FIBA

The Foreign Investors Business Association (NGO FIBA) represents,
protects and promotes the interests of its members. FIBA comprises
foreign companies which conduct business in and with the Murmansk

FIBA contributes to the development of a favorable
investment climate in the Murmansk region in cooperation with the
regional and federal authorities and also other relevant bodies. The
intentions are to make the region more attractive for foreign
investments and to improve the present business conditions to the
benefit of the existing companies as well as new-comers.

FIBA is a non-profit organization, independent of the Government of the Murmansk region and funded by the membership fee,
donations from its members and sponsorship. It’s a relatively young
association that has worked to improve conditions for industry and trade
in the Murmansk region since 2008. FIBA offers lobbying, business
networking, information exchange and promotion of member companies.

its accumulated knowledge of the local market , clear understanding of
the current business situation and development vectors as well as its
extensive business network and partnership with regional & federal
authorities, local municipalities and other business associations,  FIBA
holds regular business networking  events, business breakfast meetings,
meetings with the regional authorities and seminars for its member
companies. This creates opportunities for our members to develop their
business network, establish new strategic contacts,  enhance cross-
company cooperation and gives access to an open dialogue with the
regional authorities.

FIBA is governed by the Board introduced by different nationalities and businesses. The FIBA’s Administration is responsible for the daily work. Our members range from big industrial companies to SMEs and include different business sectors.