News from FIBA – Presentations from Network Meeting 19 June and Yamal trip

The NRCC&FIBA Networking meeting in Murmansk on 19 June has been successful. There were more than 50 participants listening to interesting presentations. In the “Info pool” below you will find copies of the main presentations made by

-          Maxim Belov (Solarctic / GAC)

-          Andrej Krivorotov (Shtokman Development AG)

-          Vadim Ulanov, YAMALSTUDY (SIVA Tech)

The presentation of the planned business/study trip to Yamal and Tyumen met also a lot of interest. The trip will take 23-27 September. Detailed information will be send next week. There has already been a preliminary presentation on the website of “Team Finland” ( – this is good advertisement for the activities of FIBA.

FIBA is also very happy to tell that NRCC (Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce) has got a confirmation of financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for another three years of networking meetings in Murmansk. The next meeting together will FIBA will take place in November during the Murmansk Business Week / Sevtek).

And finally – even if it`s difficult to believe when I look out of my office window here in Murmansk: We have summer. I guess many of you will take a break and go on holidays. Therefor I wish you all a nice summer and many exciting and relaxing experiences. Ha en riktig god sommerferie!!

Best regards and wishes from Murmansk

Ulrich Kreuzenbeck

Head of FIBA