FLAIT Group – A reliable business partner in Murmansk for over 12 years

OOO FLAIT Group, a member of FIBA from the very start of the organisation, has been on the market in Murmansk since 2002. This Norwegian/Russian/German company aims to meet the service needs of international clients – with 10 permanent employees and international management.

FLAIT Group (Claim: “We will fix it”) offers the following services:

Language Services: Interpretation, translation, copywriting . Own mobile simultaneous interpretation equipment. Languages​​: Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, English, German, French
Passenger transport: Individual transfer by cars and buses in the Murmansk region and to / from Norway, Finland and Sweden
Travel agency / Booking service: Booking of hotel rooms, tickets, meeting rooms, individual tour packages to Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg, study trips
Visa Support: Invitations, vouchers , visa to Russia
Event agency: Conferences, meetings , exhibitions, cultural events, gala dinners and more
Information: online news and travel information norge.russland.RU and russia-media.RU
Local services: Good contacts to authorities and enterprises in Murmansk, individual meeting programs for foreign companies

FLAIT Group is responsible for the Secretariat of FIBA (Foreign Investors Business Association). The companies co-owner and director is Ulrich Kreuzenbeck, chairman of the FIBA board.

Contact: Telephon +7 911 30000 99 or ulrich@russland.ru

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