Reminder: Study Trip to Tyumen and Salekhard – earlier deadline

The FIBA secretariat has already received 14 bookings for our planned trip to Tumyen and Salekhard/Yamal. Those of you who have not decided for a participation have still a chance – at least 6 of them.

But we are not the only people who want to travel to Salekhard/Yamal, and the capacities are limited. This is also a fact for the procedure to get an invitation to this restricted area.

The deadline for applying for on invitation is according to the latest news from our local contacts already 1 August, not on the 6th as we announced earlier.

Latest on that date we need from you, if you want to participate, the following information:

1)      Name/surname as it is written in your passport (*if Russian, including patronymic name)

2)      Nationality

3)      Passport number; including when, where and by whom it was issued

4)      Date of birth

5)      Place of birth

6)      Working place (including address) and position in the organisation

7)      Phone numbers (work and private)

8)      Place of residence (full address with city, street, country, etc)

Also needed:

-          Scan / copy of your passport (main page)

-          Scan / copy of your visa (if you are Russian, this is not needed)

If you are not 100 percent sure whether you will be able to participate, we have the following suggestion: Send an application for an invitation until 1 August. If you should decide not to go, we only charge a fee of 1.000 rubel (less than 200 NOK).

Anyway: the latest date for a binding booking is 6 August