Cross border cooperation Days 2014 with new format in Nikel and Kirkenes

The border towns of Nikel (Pechenga region; Murmansk) and Kirkenes (Sør-Varanger municipality; Finnmark) will host the Days of Russian-Norwegian cross border cooperation on the November 6 and 7. This annual international event has taken place in Nikel since 2011 on the initiative of the Government of the Murmansk region.

In 2014 a new format will be introduces: the event will take place on both sides of the Russian-Norwegian border in connection with the V. European Forum on Cross-Border Cooperation. The European Forum itself will be organized with the participation of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and the European Institute for Stability and Development (ISD). Traditionally, this border event brings together representatives of the executive authorities and non-governmental sector from different European border regions. The model of development of the Russian-Norwegian cooperation is unique for many of them.

This year not only participants from Norway and Russia will participate but also people from other countries. The Russian organisers hope that the new, more international format will result in more attention to the development of the border area of Pechenga and increase knowledge about investment opportunities in the region as a whole. The target is to discuss issues of multilateral cooperation in various business areas.

In addition to the plenary sessions of the Border Days will be organised three “round tables” on various issues as the development of business and tourism, the expansion of cultural ties and youth cooperation, improvement of border crossing formalities and simplification of border crossing procedures.

The Russian part of the program in the border town of Nikel will be finished by a ceremony in the music school №1 in Nikel. This well known school for children and youth will be named in honour of the famous Norwegian composer “Edvard Grieg”.

Source: Press release by the Ministry of Economical development in the Murmansk region