Cooperation with Regional authorities

In March 2011 the Murmansk-based Foreign Investors Business Association (FIBA) signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of economic development of the Murmansk region. The agreement is believed to be a decision-making tool for developing a better investment climate in the Murmansk region and increasing investment flow into it.

The same kind of cooperation agreement was signed between FIBA and the Committee for Economic Development of the Administration of the City of Murmansk in December 2012.

FIBA maintains a good working cooperation with the regional authorities by:

• Exchanging of important information between FIBA and the Government of the Murmansk region ( regarding improvement of the investment climate;

• Offering a meeting place for FIBA members and representatives of regional authorities to discuss different issues of concern;

• Maintaining a sustainable and open dialogue between our members and regional authorities;

• Developing a joint working group regarding a strategic planning of the economic environment improvement of the Murmansk region;

• Organizing joint events to improve investment, trade and economic climate in the Murmansk region;

• Promoting a favorable image and investment potential  of the Murmansk region both in Russia and abroad, thus attracting foreign trade and investments.

10_Cooperation_agreement (Ministry)